Friends of the Springfield Library Honored for Fifty Years of Service

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At the August 15th meeting of the Springfield Township Committee, the Friends of the Springfield Library were recognized for their 50th Anniversary.  The Group was formed in 1967.  Below is a copy of the Township's resolution.

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Left to Right

Friends of the Library Member Mara Friedman, Friends President Vera Stier Library Director Dale Spindel, Mayor Diane Sampoulos and Friends Vice President Sally Rice.


            WHEREAS, Friends of the Springfield Library, a volunteer nonprofit organization with an executive board,  was formed in 1967 by a group of concerned residents who understood the value of public libraries and mostly gave financial support to purchase books; and

            WHEREAS, newspaper accounts document that the organization was formed at the time that the new (current) public library was planning to be built for the growing community; and

            WHEREAS, Friends of the Library organization was incorporated by New Jersey in August 1967 with the mission as follows:

            1. To encourage public support for expanding programs;

            2. To promote community awareness and use of the library;

            3. To supplement the library budget by giving financial support for

                children and adult educational and entertainment programs, and to provide

                literary and other resources that improve the function of the library (data

                bases, museum passes, chair yoga, children’s summer reading program

                resources); and

            WHEREAS, The Friends of the Library raises funds through individual donations, fundraising events and membership dues and has raised more than $400,000.00 since its inception; and

            WHEREAS, as technology revolutionizes our world, The Friends have made an effort to meet the evolving wishes of the library administration to meet the community’s needs and in 2017 they continue to have a conviction that good library services are important to everyone.

            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Township Committee extends its appreciation and thanks to The Friends of the Library for their 50 years of service to the residents of the Township of Springfield.