Legislators Review Downtown Redevelopment

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On Friday September 22, Senator Kean, Assemblyman Bramnick and Assemblywoman Munoz visited the Township of Springfield for a review downtown redevelopment efforts with representatives of the Springfield Business Improvement District, Business Administrator, Township Commitee, Board of Adjustment, Assistant Engineer, and Jose Gomes and Jacinto Rodrigues, property owners of the "Morris & Center LLC" project.  The State permitting processes with the DOT and DEP was discussed and the legislators were asked for their assistance.


Photo 1 (l to r)

Jose Gomes and Jacinto Rodrigues, property owners, Beth Lippman, Executive Director of the BID,  Board of Adjustment Chairman Anthony Fonseca, Assemblyman Bramnick, Assemblywoman Munoz, Township Committeewoman Bujnowski, Senator Tom Kean, BID Chairman Mike Scalera, Business Administrator Ziad Shehady and Assistant Engineer Sam Mardini.